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On this page we explain in detail in our work with our privacy policy.


When you apply for a job with us:


Privacy policy for recruitment through Teamtailor

The service for the management of recruitment and the simplification of the employment process ("The Service") is run by Teamtailor on behalf of Impressive Relations ("Personuppgiftsansvar" "we" "us" etc.). It is important that the people who use the Service ("Users") are secure, and are informed, about how we handle the user's personal information in the recruitment process. We strive to maintain the highest possible standards in the protection of personal data. We treat, manage, use and protect the User's personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy").

1. General

We are the Personal Data Officer in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. The user's personal data is processed with the purpose of managing and facilitating the recruitment of employees to our business.

2. Collection of personal data

We are responsible for the processing of the personal data that the Users contribute to the Service, or for the personal data that we collect in other ways with respect to the Service.

When and how we collect personal data
We collect personal information about Users from Users, when Users;


  • makes an application via the Service or otherwise adds personal data about himself personally or by using a third party, eg. Facebook or LinkedIn

  • use the Service to connect to our staff, by adding personal information about themselves personally or by using a third party, such as Facebook or LinkedIn;

  • and provides identifiable information in the chat (provided through the Web site using the Service) and any information relevant to the application process.

We collect data from third parties, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and via other public sources. This is called "Sourcing" and is performed manually by our employees or automatically in the Service.

In some cases, existing employees may make recommendations on potential job seekers. Such employees will add personal information about potential job seekers. If this is done, the potential jobseeker is considered as a User within the framework of this Privacy Policy and will be informed of the processing.

Categories of personal data collected and processed
The categories of personal data that can be collected via the Service can be used to identify natural persons from names, e-mails, pictures and videos, information from Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, answers to questions posed by recruitment, titles, education and other information which the User or others have provided through the Service. Only personal data relevant to the recruitment process is collected and processed.

The purpose and legality of the treatment
The purpose of collecting and processing personal data is to manage recruitment. The legality of the processing of personal data is our legitimate interest in simplifying and facilitating recruitment.

Personal data processed with the purpose of aggregated analysis or market research is always made unidentifiable. Such personal data cannot be used to identify a particular user. Such personal data are therefore not considered personal data.

Consent of the data subject
The user agrees to the processing of personal data with the personal data controller's purpose of managing recruitment. The user agrees that personal information is collected through the Service, when Users;

  • make an application via the Service, and add personal information about himself personally or by using a third party such as Facebook or LinkedIn, and that the Personal Data Manager can use external sourcing tools to add additional information;

  • and uses the Service to connect to the data controller's recruitment department, and adds personal information about himself personally or by using a third party source such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

The user also agrees that the Data Protection Officer collects publicly available information about the User and compiles them for use in recruitment purposes.

The user agrees that personal data collected in accordance with the above a) and b) is processed according to the section below Storage and transmission and How long the personal data is processed.

The user has the right to revoke his consent at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer with the help of the contact details provided under 9. However, the use of this right may mean that the User cannot apply for a specific job or otherwise use the Service.

Storage and transfer
The personal data collected through the Service are stored and processed within the EU / EEA, such third country which is considered by the European Commission to have sufficient level of protection or is handled by suppliers who have entered into binding agreements that fully comply with the legality of transfers to third countries (such as Privacy Shield) or to other suppliers where sufficient safeguards exist to ensure the rights of the data subjects. To obtain documentation on such protective measures, please contact us using the contact details provided in paragraph 9.

How long the personal data is processed
As long as a User does not object in writing to the processing of their personal data, the personal data will be stored and processed by us as long as we deem it necessary for the purposes stated above. Note that a job seeker (User) can be interesting for future recruitment and for this purpose we can store the Users' personal data as long as they are considered interesting for potential recruitments. If you, as a User, wish that your personal data are not processed for this purpose (future recruitment), please contact us using the contact details in point 9.

3. The rights of the user

Users have the right to request information about the personal data that is processed by us by notifying us in writing by using the contact information according to item 9 below. Users are entitled to one (1) copy of the processed personal data belonging to them free of charge. For additional copies, the data controller is entitled to charge a reasonable fee on the basis of administrative costs for such demand.

Users have the right, if necessary, to correct incorrect personal data about the User, by requesting such correction in writing using the contact details in point 9 below.

The user has the right to demand deletion or limitation of treatment, and the right to object to treatment based on legitimate interest in certain circumstances.

The user has the right to revoke a consent to the processing that has been given by the User to the Data Protection Officer. However, using this right may mean that the user cannot apply for a particular job or use the Service in any other way.

The user has, under certain circumstances, the right to transfer their personal data (data portability), which means the right to extract their personal data and transfer them to another person responsible for personal data, as long as this does not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.

The user has the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority regarding the processing of his or her personal data, if the User considers that the processing of personal data is contrary to current personal data legislation.

4. Security

We prioritize personal privacy and therefore work actively to ensure that the user's personal data is handled with the utmost care. We take the steps that can reasonably be required to ensure that the User's personal data is processed safely and in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the GDPR.

However, transmission of information via the Internet and mobile networks can never be done with absolutely no risk, which is why all transmission takes place at your own risk. It is important that Users also take responsibility for ensuring that their data is protected. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that his login details are kept secret.

5. Transfer of personal data to third parties

We will not sell or transfer User's personal information to third parties.

However, we may transfer personal data to;


  • our suppliers and subcontractors, in their role as personal data assistants and subordinates, according to our instructions, for the provision of the Service;

  • authorities or legal advisers in the event of suspected crime or improper conduct; and

  • authorities, legal advisers or other actors, if required by law or the authority's decision.

We only transfer User's personal data to third parties we trust. We carefully choose partners to ensure that the user's personal data is processed in accordance with applicable personal data legislation. We cooperate with the following categories of personal data assistants; Teamtailor, which provides the Service, server and hosting companies, e-mail outsourcing companies, video processing companies, information search companies, analytical service companies and other companies related to the provision of the Service.

6. Aggregated data (non-identifiable personal data)

We may share aggregated information with third parties. In such a case, the aggregated information has been compiled from information collected through the Service and may, for example, consist of statistics on Internet traffic or the geographical location for the use of the Service. Aggregated information does not contain any information that can be derived from a particular individual and thus does not constitute personal data.

7. Cookies

When Users use the Service, information about use will be stored through cookies. Cookies are passive text files that are stored by the browser in the user's device, such as their computer, mobile or tablet, when connected to the Service. We use cookies to facilitate the User's use of the Service and to obtain information such as statistics about the User's use of the Service. This is done in order to ensure, maintain and improve the Service. The information obtained from cookies may also constitute personal data and in such a case the processing of our "Cookie Policy" (link to Policy) is covered.

Users can deny the use of cookies at any time by changing settings in their device. If this happens, however, the user's experience of the Service may be impaired, for example by the fact that certain functions in the Service are no longer available.

8. Changes

We have the right to make changes or additions to the privacy policy at any time. The latest version of the privacy policy will always be available through the Service or via the website. A new version is considered to be communicated to the Users when the User has either received an email informing the User of the new version (with the email address specified by the User in connection with the use of the Service) or when the user is otherwise informed by the new Privacy Policy.

9. Contact

For questions, additional information about our handling of personal data or to contact us on other issues, use the following contact information; Impressive Relations

For you as a customer:


Impressive Relations Sweden AB is a company that, among other things, carries out assignments within sales for clients. Impressive always strives to ensure that all personal data we process is protected in the best possible way and that all laws and regulations are followed according to the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This privacy policy describes the processing of personal data by the employees of Impressive Relations Sweden AB on behalf of the client. The purpose of the treatment is not determined by Impressive but is regulated by the person responsible for personal data, which is our client.

A personal data refers to any kind of information that can be linked to one person in one way or another. Processing of personal data includes all handling of personal data such as transmission, register and storage. The personal data controller is the one who determines the purpose for the processing of personal data. Personal data assistant is the person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller.

In our case, the person responsible for personal data is our client. Impressive Relations Sweden AB Reg. No. 556851–4003 with is personal data assistant for the processing of your personal data.

The personal information we process is name, address of social security number, telephone number and email address. In some cases, there may also be information related to hardware or premiums in connection with purchases. The collection of these personal data is not performed by Impressive itself but by the companies we represent. We use collected information to fulfill our commitment to the companies we represent and you as a customer in maintaining a good level of service. Necessary information may need to be shared with partners, such as system vendors following instructions from the personal data manager. Your personal data is stored no longer than is necessary. Grating and deletion are done continuously.

Impressive will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal data is safely handled with a high level of protection. We store your personal information on secure servers behind secure firewalls. We regularly review our routines such as the transfer, storage and processing of personal data and also our security measures to protect against unauthorized access to systems. We have applied the least privilege principle, which means that our employees are only assigned the rights that are absolutely necessary. All employees who handle your personal data are also bound by confidentiality.

Any changes to the policy will always be updated on this site. For questions, please contact Robin Berglund at

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