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Brand Ambassador

Our customer wants to increase sales in stores with high potential but where sales previously didn't reach the desired levels. Our mission was to put together a team of salespeople in absolute top class who, in a professional way, could represent our customer brand among the customers but also for the dealer.

The goal was to increase sales in the store both in the short term but also to learn methods in sales at regular staff to create a lasting change

Impressive was responsible for:

  • Set up of the right team for the assignment that matched the customer profile

  • Product and sales training in the product

  • Contact with stores

  • Registration and reporting of results


Stockholm, Sweden

Malmo, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden


Start Q1 2017



Sales and operations

Contact us

Robin Berglund.JPG

Robin Berglund

+46 700 23 00 00

Joakim Westin Impressive Relations 1.jpg

Joakim Westin

+46 730 63 43 15

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