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Sales Representative

Launch of a new car pool service in Stockholm.

Our customer wanted help to launch the service in the Stockholm area and increase both the number of customers and the brand awareness.

Together with the customer, we developed a strategy to meet potential customers in a logical place in a calm and relaxed environment where time was given to the customers. We carried out an office event where our ambassadors contacted customers and assisted new customers with the service.


Impressive was responsible for:

  • Set up of the right team for the assignment that matched the customer profile

  • Product and sales training in the product.

  • Ability to answer difficult questions from customers

  • Booking and ongoing contact for events

  • Registration and reporting of results


Stockholm, Sweden


Q4 2018



Eventpersonnel with sales knowledge

Contact us

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Robin Berglund

+46 700 23 00 00

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Joakim Westin

+46 730 63 43 15

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