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Event staff

We were tasked by the customer to set up a campaign in connection with the launch of a new food product. The assignment was to demonstrate that the new product was much better than the market-leading competitor through events in connection with large grocery stores from Malmö in the south to Gälve in the north.

We created a blind test where visitors got to taste two different options and decide which one was the best. In addition to the taste test, a competition was arranged together with a campaign offer on the product to drive the sale. In total, we made 20 stops during the tour with very successful results.


Impressive was responsible for:

  • Set up of the right team for the assignment that matched the customer profile

  • Preparation suited event material

  • Product and sales training in the product

  • Booking and ongoing contact for events

  • Registration and reporting of results






Event staff

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Robin Berglund

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Joakim Westin

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